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NST Verification Services is a 100% Black Owned commercial entity that seeks to simplify the diversity and dynamics that comes with BBBEE, our solutions primarily focus on efficiency; effectiveness and sustainability.

Our mission

Our mission is to offer independent, competitive & quality dynamic BBBEE verification services in compliance with existing legislation.


Our vision is to be the leading & preferred verification agency in South Africa.



2012- MDP- Broad Base Black Economic Development.
This is the exact point where Mr Tsotetsi discovered his passion for verification.
He did not just take it as a subject, but he wanted to know the core of verification.
Therefore he took it upon himself, to gain more knowledge and to remain informed of this field of work.

Northwest university (Vista University)
2004 – B-Com accounting
It took a lot to start the journey of being an accounting student,
but MrTsotetsi outdid himself, determination and hard work,
led him to finish the course and obtain a BCom qualification in accounting…

National Empowerment Rating Agency – [Senior Verification Analyst]
Was involved in evaluating information gathered from the multiple
sources, reconciling information to produce a BEE score and a
verification file for clients then. He is a very disciplined, self-motivated
and confident individual with a thorough knowledge of B-BBEE.

Ardent Business Partners – [Verification Manager]
He then at a later stage, worked through evaluating components,
products or services which is completed at the end of phase or project
to verify or confirm that it satisfies all of the regulations or specification requirements.

12/2017 TO DATE
Michael Tsotetsi, later decided to stand on his own feet and expand his knowledge in the field of Verification Services. 
He now manages and runs his verification company with help from his loyal and dedicated employees. 
He is very hands on with his work, he takes himself as one of the staff members, 
he works as hard as he can to make all his employees feel comfortable and welcome

Our vision is to be the leading & preferred verification agency in South Africa.

Our Clients

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